Title : Molecular analysis of hemagglutinin, neuraminidase, matrix genes provide insight into the genetic diversity of seasonal H3N2 human influenza a viruses in Bangladesh during July-August, 2012

Authors : Jain M, Islam S, Rahman ASMZ, Akhtar S, Hasan KN, Ahsan GU, Khaleque A, Maqsud Hossain

Abstract : Influenza A virus subtype H3 is a threat to public health and it is important to understand the evolution of the viruses for the surveillance and the selection of vaccine strains. Comparative analysis of four Bangladeshi isolates with isolates circulating other parts of the world based on three candidate genes hemagglutinin (HA), neuraminidase (NA), matrix protein (MA) showed no evidence of significant distinct subclade of viruses circulating in the country over the period of study. Despite these findings, we found N161S substitution in all four H3N2 influenza stains resulting in the gain of NSS160-162 glycosylation site. All H3N2 Influenza subtypes in the study had amino acid substitution at position 31 on the M2 protein (Aspartic acid to Asparagine) which is known to be responsible for amantadine drug resistance.

Journal : Virus Disease Volume : 29 Year : 2018 Issue : 1
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