Title : An Overview of COVID-19 Data Requirement for Business and Economics Research

Authors : Gour Gobinda Goswami , KH Habibur Rahman , Khaled Md. Saifullah

Abstract : The mainstream research on COVID-19 has an apparent bias toward clinical studies dominated by medical science, health science, or public health. But considering the overall dimension of COVID-19 and its linkage with the recessionary impact on society's business and economic aspects, non-medical data is increasingly important nowadays to examine its effects on society, environment, politics, economics, and business conditions of countries. As a result, a broad review of data on the overall impact of COVID-19 on all the different aspects is needed so that policymakers can find an appropriate policy-mix to deal with this pandemic. This article attempts at providing a thorough review of all the existing datasets in this area. We have identified and categorized five types of COVID-19 and related data: International, Country-Level, Sub-national, Community-level, and Closely Related data. The primary purpose of this review article is to identify and validate the most legitimate data sources available on the COVID-19 pandemic to guide future researchers and policy makers on using more accurate data in policy development and research. As an anecdote, the paper has also identified issues related to the data used in business and economic analysis on COVID-19. Utilizing the archival method, we have compiled all the articles and the data. The data covered in this research is valid up to the middle of 2020.

Journal : North South Journal of Peace and Global Studies Volume : 1 Year : 2023 Issue : 1
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