Title : Companionship with Nature in Asian Traditions: A Resource for Environmental Education

Authors : Md. Munir Hossain Talukder

Abstract : What is the meaning of ‘nature’ in Asian cultures? How do Asian people perceive their relations to nature? What types of environmental ethics do Asian cultures exhibit? This paper considers these questions in two major Asian traditions, Indian and Chinese. It points out that the concept of nature has played a crucial role in Asian people’s lifestyles, beliefs, and ethical thinking. To them, nature is seen not merely as a means of livelihood, but rather the fountain of harmony, spirituality, and inspiration. The paper examines whether Asian environmental ethics is anthropocentric or nonanthropocentric. It concludes that, despite some limitations, Asian traditions nourish an alternative environmental ethic, which is a companionship with nature, and should be granted as a valuable resource for environmental education.

Journal : AGATHOS: An International Review of the Humanities and Social Sciences Volume : 5 Year : 2014 Issue : 2
Pages : 124-129 City : Edition : Editors :
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