Title : Tapping the Power of Social Network Analysis for One Bank Limited Bangladesh

Authors : Shareen Mahmud, Nabila Rezwana Mirza, Md. Shazzad Hosain

Abstract : Social network analysis (SNA) is a powerful tool that enables managers to understand a myriad of relationships that can either facilitate or hinder the growth of companies. In addition, SNA helps to recognize the process of knowledge creation and dissemination across organizations. While large organizations like IBM, Toyota etc. use SNA to diagnose problems and explore opportunities of improvements, organizations in the third world countries have little idea of such use of SNA. In this study we intend to explore the scope and implementation of knowledge sharing within the network of one of the branches of One Bank Limited, a private bank in Bangladesh. We examine the chosen branch by developing networks of their email and verbal communication and find the following interesting observations: i) Some employees need to be more active for greater success of the organization ii) Some employees are bottlenecks for inter-department communication whose work load needs to be redistributed to other employees iii) Employees have little understanding of knowledge creation and sharing among themselves. The branch manager appreciated the findings as he received in-depth knowledge of employees’ formal and informal communications network that can be leveraged to build an effective organization.

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