Title : Targeting low-arsenic groundwater with mobile phone technology in Araihazar, Bangladesh

Authors : van Geen A, Trevisani M, Immel J, Jakariya M, Osman N, Cheng Z, Gelman A, Ahmed KM

Abstract : The Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation and Water Supply Program (BAMWSP) has compiled field-kit measurements of the arsenic content of groundwater for nearly five million wells. By comparing the spatial distribution of arsenic inferred from these field-kit measurements with geo-referenced laboratory data in a portion of Araihazar upazila, it is shown here that the BAMWSP data could be used for targeting safe aquifers for the installation of community wells in many villages of Bangladesh. Recent experiences with mobile-phone technology to access and update the BAMWSP data in the field are also described. It is shown that the technology, without guaranteeing success, could optimize interventions by guiding the choice of the drilling method that is likely to reach a safe aquifer and identifying those villages where exploratory drilling is needed.

Journal : Health Popul Nutr Volume : 24(3) Year : 2006 Issue :
Pages : 282-297 City : Edition : Editors :
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