Title : Culture in the Monolingual classroom

Authors : Nasrin Pervin

Abstract : Phatic expressions are primary means of establishing /maintaining social contact in human societies. Language and culture are its main ingredients transferred from generation to generation. Exposure to any new language involves learning culture awareness of the language lea rned. D’souza (1992) propounds and maintains that they are learned simultaneously (p. 16). Therefore learning a foreign language is learning about the culture of the language too, explicitly or implicitly. Kachru (1992) however points out another dimension to the “spread of English across cultures” maintaining it has “two sides”: those who use English as their first language and those who use it as additional language. To the majority of Indians and Bangladeshis English is the additional language, but in India, English is their second language whereas in Bangladesh its status is that of a foreign language.

Journal : International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities Volume : 5 Year : 2017 Issue :
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