Title : Nanosensors in biomedical and environmental applications: Perspectives and prospects

Authors : Mamun Rabbani, Md Enamul Hoque, Zaid Bin Mahbub

Abstract : One of the key developments of science is the technology of sensors, which detect a certain event and produce a signal compatible with the event. Sensing technologies have been developed over time and implemented in many fields. Among them, biomedical applications are prominent. In today's world, biomedical sensing and detection of various biomedical phenomena are the cornerstone of many diagnostic processes. They also play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life. Although biomedical sensing has been on the road to improvement for a long time, the leap of the decade in this field has been the incorporation of nanotechnology and nanomaterials. Nanotechnology has greatly improved the performance of biosensors; the inclusion of nanomaterials like nanoparticles, nanowires, carbon nanotubes, and graphene has led to the development of miniature and flexible sensors with dependable and multidimensional characteristics. Ongoing research has produced outstanding applications of nanotechnologically designed biosensors, from diagnostics and nanomedicine to environmental monitoring, for better quality of life. This chapter focuses on biosensors designed through nanotechnology, along with their types and performance parameters. Some of the applications of such sensors are also discussed, providing an overview of nanosensors used in biomedical applications.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2020 Issue :
Pages : 163-186 City : Amsterdam Edition : Netherlands Editors : K Pal, F Gomes
Publisher : Elsevier ISBN : 978-0-12-820702-4 Book : Nanofabrication for Smart Nanosensor Applications Chapter : 7
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