Title : 'Retailers' Ethics: An Empirical Analysis on Traditional Bangladeshi Shops'

Authors : Muslima Zahan, Hafiza Sultana, Frank Wade

Abstract : The study analyzes the retailers’ ethics in Bangladesh, a developing country in South Asia. It identified five factors to measure ethical retailing, namely, Quality, Quantity, Price, Packaging and Performance. The research is based on primary data collected from a survey of 438 traditional retail shops. Small retail shops in the economy are involved in unethical practices with the intention of profit maximization. From the findings the authors developed a 2Q3P model consisting of 25 variables. According to the quantitative analysis, all five factors are significant for measuring ethical retailing, Quantity, Performance and Quality are more significant. This is the first study to investigate retailing ethics in Bangladesh. The study is a significant contribution to research in retailing, business ethics, and small business in the backdrop of a developing nation. In addition, it offers theoretical and practical implications.

Journal : International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management Volume : 7 Year : 2019 Issue : 10
Pages : 473-488 City : Edition : Editors :
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