Title : Who Wants to be a Social Entrepreneur? Exploring the Antecedents Interrelationship via Modified Mair Noboa Model

Authors : Mehree Iqbal, Louis Geneste, Paull Weber

Abstract : Purpose This paper aims to contribute to the field of social entrepreneurship by exploring the interrelationships among the antecedents of social entrepreneurial intention (SEI) through the lens of Mair Noboa model (MNM). In recent years, many researchers have applied the antecedents of MNM to determine SEI. However, interrelationship among these antecedents has not been a focus of enquiry despite the repeated scholarly calls. Design/methodology/approach Applying quantitative methodology, the data was collected from a Web-based survey distributed across Bangladesh ( N = 412). Data analysis was carried out based on the covariance-based structural equation modelling technique to confirm the hypotheses. The final measurement and structural models met all the requirements for reliability, model fit, convergent validity and discriminant validity. The proposed hypotheses were tested based on direct relationships and mediating effects. Findings The findings suggested that interrelationships among these antecedents do increase individuals’ intentions to become social entrepreneurs. Originality/value This paper fills an important knowledge gap by exploring the interrelationships among moral obligation, empathy, perceived social support and social entrepreneurial self-efficacy. This paper stressed identifying whether the SEI enhances through the interrelationships among these antecedents or not. The study findings bring new theoretical and practical implications on the role of empathy, moral obligation, perceived social support and social entrepreneurial self-efficacy.

Journal : Social Enterprise Journal Volume : 19 Year : 2023 Issue : 5
Pages : 536-554 City : Edition : Editors :
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