Title : Factors affecting the quality and efficacy of an ELT-INSET: A case study of Bangladesh

Authors : Shakila Nur, Megan Short

Abstract : Given the integral role of English teachers in promoting quality English education, English language teaching in-service teacher education and training (BLT-INSET) plays a crucial role in developing quality and professional competence of English teachers. It is in this regard, when the inevitability of ELT-INSET is growing worldwide, our article identifies quality parameters of an ELT-INSET conducted in Bangladesh. This qualitative case study was conducted as part of a doctoral project employing semi-structured interviews with one ELT-INSET programme coordinator, three teacher trainers and 12 trainees (English teachers) of an ELT-INSET. The cross-case analysis of the interview data identified six factors adversely affecting the quality and efficacy of the ELT-INSET. The factors included the absence of needs analysis culture, an ineffective trainee selection mechanism and proper monitoring system, the quality issue of teacher trainers, contents and materials, the lack of required logistics support and finally, the bureaucratic power-coercive £LT-INSET management. The article, by shedding light on those findings, finally informs the policymakers with some implications with which to develop their policy and to enhance and ensure the quality and efficacy of ELT-INSET programmes. The implications might also be applicable irrespective of INSET for other subjects and polities with the same context beyond Bangladesh.

Journal : Waikato Journal of Education Volume : 24 Year : 2019 Issue : 1
Pages : 55-66 City : Edition : Editors :
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