Title : Review of an Integrated Strategy of Climate Change Adaptation Using Tidal River Management

Authors : Jakariya M, Sikder TM, Yousuf, AI

Abstract : Climate change and its variation have significant impact on coastal areas of Bangladesh. It’s a region predicted by experts to be one of the hardest hit by climate change induced sea level rise. Tidal River Management (TRM), a unique indigenous ecological knowledge of river management, was found to be an effective tool to combat climate change induced issues at some zones and is used by reputable organizations like Bangladesh Water Development Board and Asian Development Bank. In this study, the benefits of TRM were investigated and analysed using secondary resources from research literature and field investigations. This review furnishes the evidence of the outcomes of TRM to successfully manage coastal areas, which are at risk of water logging and sea level rise.

Journal : Journal of Health and Environmental Research (JHES). Volume : 2 (1) Year : 2016 Issue :
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