Title : Numerical Simulation of Natural Convection of Dusty nanofluids within Curved Shaped Enclosure

Authors : S. K. Saha, S. K. Bala, N. C. Roy, M. M. Molla

Abstract : The current research expounds the numerical simulation of a two phase dusty nanofluid flow in a curve-shaped enclosure surrounded by three straight walls and a curved wall. The flow is generated in the enclosure because of the buoyancy force due to the heated lower curved wall. An apt variable transform that transfigures the curve-shaped domain into a rectangular domain is introduced in this study. The governing equations for the nanofluid phase and the dusty phase in transformed coordinates are solved by incorporating a finite difference technique with a successive over-relaxation method. The requisite results to analyze the flow and heat transfer are blazoned for physically significant parameters, namely, the nanoparticles’ volume fraction, the Rayleigh number, the amplitude, the density ratio, and the dusty parameter. The results assert that the flow strength can be decreased slightly by increasing the nanoparticles’ volume fraction and the amplitude but can be increased notably by incrementing the Rayleigh number. Besides, heat transfer can be enhanced about 4.33% at the lower wall and about 5.13% at the upper wall by incrementing the nanoparticles’ volume fraction 4% for the Rayleigh number 105. Moreover, the increment in the Rayleigh number and decrement in the density ratio and the dusty parameter can augment the heat transfer rate.

Journal : AIP Advances Volume : 10 Year : 2020 Issue :
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