Title : A Project Management Research Proposal on the Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts with Energy Saving prospects of selected projects in Bangladesh

Authors : Syed Mahmud Husain

Abstract : Megaprojects in infrastructure are frequently acknowledged as critical drivers of rapid economic growth in emerging nations such as Bangladesh, where GDP is growing at 7% per year. In order to lift the growth rate to the magical two-digit barrier, these developing countries often need a foundation of 7% economic growth, both to collect funding for megaprojects and to reap the benefits of these projects. The Padma Multipurpose Bridge, the Dhaka Metro Rail and upcoming Bongobondhu Bridge projects are three of Bangladesh's most well-known constructions. We'll perform a case study to investigate the variables that impacted the socio-economic and environmental factors. For example the Padma Bridge project in Bangladesh is a government-funded project worth USD 3.65 billion. This urban public transportation service seeks to significantly decrease traffic congestion in Dhaka and eradicate pollution by offering a safe, quick, affordable, and modern form of transit for city inhabitants. Both of these megaprojects, however, were delayed due to covid-19 and other circumstances, causing some harm to Bangladesh's public life and socioeconomic platform. Due to the difficulty of completing two megaprojects, environmental issues developed. Though the Bangladeshi government attempted to address these issues by introducing relocation programs, which may be a better option for the Bangladeshi people. We'll have to identify factors that cause schedule delays in projects like the Padma Bridge, such as supply chain related factors—skills related factor, labor turnover related factor, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors' experiences related factor, bureaucracy related factor, information mismanagement related factor, finance and funding related factor, bad weather-related factor, traffic jam related factor, quality control related factor, and so on. The following key findings about society's affects have been made preliminarily, however they need to be investigated further: Traveling problems, lack of facilities, extra expense and time, lowered standard of living, land lease issue, huge job opportunities lost, financial impacts of Padma bridge, transportation problem lingered, economic impacts, increased tax burden, better business facilities created, schedule delay costs time and money, boring river crossing process, huge sufferings due to delay, traffic jam, no effect on industrialization due to schedule delay. Smaller projects like Spectra Solar Park etc will also be focused in the research, those with huge environmental impacts with significant energy saving and renewable energy aspects in the country.

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