Title : Restaurant Waste Management in Dhaka City: current measures and the way forward

Authors : Muslima Zahan, Israt Laila

Abstract : Introduction: This paper aims to identify the sources of waste generated in the restaurants of Dhaka city and therefore, investigates a representative sample of restaurants to find out the statistics, current measures, awareness of the problem among the restaurateurs and the consumers, as well as the obstacles to achieve zero waste. Design/Methodology: A mixed method research has been used for the investigation. The study used 56 restaurants from the most popular locations of Dhaka city as the research population. The data has been collected through the questionnaire survey, observation and discussions with restaurant staff members.Findings: The results of the study suggest that roughly one-third of food waste occurred in the customer plates. The other sources responsible for wastage are improper food storage, unplanned ordering of raw materials, waste occurring in preparation stage, and portion size. Restaurants can control food waste in their kitchens by effective management but, food waste minimization by the guests particularly at buffets is a challenge. Research Limitation: The data collected could be significantly different based on the time of the year the survey is undertaken. It is also possible that the restaurant staff might not have been completely honest fearing negative consequences. Practical implications: Bangladesh is a low middle-income country with significant proportions of people still living under the poverty line. Though starvation is not as common as in other developing nations of the world, there is no option for wasting food, especially avoidable food waste. Originality/Value: Though some research has looked into solid waste management in different cities, no research yet has investigated sources of food waste in restaurants of Dhaka city

Journal : Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Volume : XVI Year : 2020 Issue : 4
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