Title : Nanotheranostic Carbon Dots as an Emerging Platform for Cancer Therapy

Authors : Sumiya Haque Adrita, Khandaker Nujhat Tasnim, Ji Hyun Ryu, Shazid Md. Sharker

Abstract : Cancer remains one of the most deadly diseases globally, but carbon-based nanomaterials have the potential to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and therapy. Advances in nanotechnology and a better understanding of tumor microenvironments have contributed to novel nanotargeting routes that may bring new hope to cancer patients. Several low-dimensional carbon-based nanomaterials have shown promising preclinical results; as such, low-dimensional carbon dots (CDs) and their derivatives are considered up-and-coming candidates for cancer treatment. The unique properties of carbon-based nanomaterials are high surface area to volume ratio, chemical inertness, biocompatibility, and low cytotoxicity. It makes them well suited for delivering chemotherapeutics in cancer treatment and diagnosis. Recent studies have shown that the CDs are potential applicants in biomedical sciences, both as nanocarriers and nanotransducers. This review covers the most commonly used CD nanoparticles in nanomedicines intended for the early diagnosis and therapy of cancer.

Journal : Journal of Nanotheranostics Volume : 1 Year : 2020 Issue : 1
Pages : 59-78 City : Edition : Editors :
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