Title : Structural, dielectric, and electrical transport properties of Al3+ substituted nanocrystalline Ni-Cu spinel ferrites prepared through the sol–gel route

Authors : M.M. Rahman, N. Hasan, M.A. Hoque, M.B. Hossen and M. Arifuzzaman*

Abstract : In this study, a series of nanocrystalline Ni0.7Cu0.30AlxFe2-xO4 (x = 0.00 to 0.10 with a step of 0.02) has been synthesized through the sol–gel auto combustion technique. The structural, morphological, dielectric, and electrical properties of the synthesized nanoparticles are analyzed due to the substitution effect of Al3+ content. The structural study has been performed through the XRD and FTIR analyses. The extracted XRD patterns assure the single-phase cubic spinel structure of all samples in high crystalline nature with maintaining their homogeneity. The average crystallite size of the nanoparticles is found in the range of 55.63–70.74 nm, and the average grain size varies from 59.00 to 65.00 nm. FTIR study also confirms the formation of spinel structures in the prepared Ni-Cu ferrite nanoparticles. The surface morphology of the materials has been studied through the FESEM study linked with EDX analysis. The dielectric dispersion of the materials is reflected at lower frequencies up to 10 kHz. The impedance spectroscopy confirms the non-Debye relaxation phenomena of the synthesized nanomaterials. The contribution of grains and grain boundaries is resolved through the modulus study of the materials. The trend in variation of AC resistivity with frequency has been explained by the hopping mechanism.

Journal : Results in Physics Volume : 38 Year : 2022 Issue :
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