Title : Moringa oleifera ameliorates the cholinergic-mediated memory via modulating the oxidative stress biomarkers in dementia mice model”,

Authors : Sadia Yeasmin, Israt yesmin, sadika.islam Farhana bonna, Abdul. kaium, Dr. Md. Ashrafur Rahman

Abstract : This research was conducted considering the rising percentage of elderlies in Bangladesh that have dementia. The objective was to prove that Moringa oleifera could be the next viable treatment. Dementia occurs due to overloaded oxidative stress and cholinergic dysfunction. Therefore, any herb extract that can adjust oxidative stress biomarker levels, can help treat dementia. Moringa has shown substantial memory-boosting effects, and could possibly modulate the oxidative stress biomarker levels in brain. Healthy adult male mice (Swiss albino; 8 weeks, 35-40 gm.) were divided into 5 individual groups (n=5 in each group). Group 1 (M), orally received 500mg/kg Moringa (4 weeks). Group 2 (M+S) orally received 500mg/kg Moringa + 1mg/kg scopolamine i.p, 30 mins before training; Group 3 (S), 4 (P) and 5 (Sal) were injected scopolamine (1mg/kg i.p), piracetam (50 mg/kg i.p, 1week before training) and saline (1ml i.p, 30 mins before training). Two tasks were used: Passive Avoidance (PA): the retention time (sec) was evaluated as the average time spent in white chamber and Contextual Fear Conditioning (CFC): the freezing time was scored during the last 360 seconds of the total 480 seconds spent in the chamber. The biomarkers (SOD, MDA, and GSH) were assessed in hippocampus. Group 1 and 2 showed remarkable level of retention memory compared to group 3 (Latency: 300(M), 258.7 (M+S) and 192.17 (S) sec; p?0.001) which were comparable to the group 4 and 5 (Latency 289.75 and 276.5 seconds. respectively). These findings were further confirmed by using the CFC. Compared to Gr.3, the MDA was significantly decreased (0.45nmol vs. 3.10nmol) and the SOD (98.14ng/ml vs. 7.61ng/ml) and the GSH (6.79nM vs. 1.83nM) were increased in Gr 1and Gr 2 in hippocampus. These findings were similar to group 4 and 5. Moringa facilitates the cholinergic function by modulating the oxidative biomarkers in dementia mice.

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