Title : Challenges Faced by Small Enterprises in Bangladesh: The Case of JNA Pulp paper business

Authors : Jashim Uddin Ahmed, Niza Talukder, Asma Ahmed, Meshbaul Hassan Chowdhury

Abstract : This practitioner paper presents the case of a small paper business named JNA Pulp, initiated with the vision to provide high-quality imported paper to the market. The paper discusses several hurdles faced by the company which eventually pushed the owner to contemplate shutting down the business in the first quarter of 2020. With the rise of COVID-19, it was clear that considering the stance of the business in local market, survival would be impossible. Using the Fishbone analysis, the paper analyses the problems that lead to the closure of this business in April 2020 and further evaluates the strategies that could possibly contribute towards the survival of small businesses in the domestic market.

Journal : Small Enterprise Research Volume : 28 Year : 2021 Issue : 1
Pages : 75-82 City : Edition : Editors :
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