Title : An Improved Event Detection Algorithm for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring System for Low Frequency Smart Meters

Authors : Abdullah Al Imran, Minhaz Ahmed Syrus, Hafiz Abdur Rahman

Abstract : The traditional event detection algorithm used in Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) for low frequency smart meters, is aimed to detect high power consuming appliances in particular. As the level of noise generated by the high capacity loads, detecting events caused by low power consuming devices is a major challenge. In this paper, we have looked into various issues of low frequency smart meters for the steady-state method of NILM algorithm. Also, we have proposed an improved event detection algorithm to extract more consistent and exclusive event for individual loads. Later, we have used the proposed event detection algorithm on practical data collected from a low frequency smart mete deployed in a residential building. The evaluation shows that, our algorithm detects events more precisely and accurately than the traditional algorithm. Also, it reduces the event space of individual appliance and extract an additional feature which helps to differentiate similar events of different appliances in real and reactive power region.

Journal : Volume : Year : May 14 - 15, 2016 Issue :
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Proceeding Title : 3rd International Workshop on Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Institution : Issuer : Number :