Title : Fire Detection System with Indoor Localization using ZigBee based Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Taoufikul Islam, Hafiz Abdur Rahman, Minhaz Ahmed Syrus

Abstract : Fire detection and protection are major problems in factories. A closely related problem is to localize fire sources to effectively extinguish those. In this paper we presented development of a moderate cost wireless sensor network based fire detection system with indoor localization capability. In Bangladesh, where large numbers of garment factories are located suffers fire incidents every year. The aim of our work was to develop fire detection system that could help the garment owners to install reliable fire detection systems with localizing capability within a relatively lower cost. As such, we have used open source hardware and software tools to develop our system and documented our approach well, so that it can be replicated anywhere.

Journal : Volume : Year : June 15-18, 2015 Issue :
Pages : City : Fukuoka, Japan Edition : Editors :
Publisher : IEEE ISBN : Book : Chapter :
Proceeding Title : 4th International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV) Institution : Issuer : Number :