Title : Design and performance Analysis of a Dual Axis Solar Tracker

Authors : Mohd. Tahsin Bin Mostafa, Shah Md. Tanzim Alam Choudhury, Md. Shazzad Hosain

Abstract : This paper is aimed at the method of raising the efficiency of the solar panel by using a dual axis solar tracker. This is designed with four LDRs, which are the main sensor inputs, an Arduino Uno microcontroller, which is the main processing unit and a well-planned platform design consisting of two servo motors and a metal structure. The structure is suitable for maneuvering a 20W solar panel that weights around 2 Kg, while consuming very little energy to function. The main objective of this paper is to prove the fact that this dual axis solar tracker design is a more efficient one for harnessing the maximum amount of solar energy than existing similar trackers. A 37.76 percent increase in efficiency has been analyzed when compared to a fixed configuration solar panel that is tilted at 25 degrees throughout the day.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2019 Issue :
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Proceeding Title : IEEE 1st International Conference on Energy, Systems and Information Processing (ICESIP) Institution : Issuer : Number :