Title : Awareness of Water Wastage and Attitude towards Water Conservation in a domestic setting in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Authors : Zarjina Tarana Khalil, Shafquat Kabir

Abstract : Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh is a mega city with a population of about 16 million. It is predicted to be the second largest city of the world by the year 2015. Such exponential growth adds tremendous pressure on the city’s renewable but finite water resources for domestic consumption. Domestic water supply is primarily sourced from ground water whose levels are decreasing rapidly. Deep aquifers are becoming progressively infringed, making sustainable water resources development a challenging task. This paper aims to analyze the general awareness level and attitude towards water conservation in Dhaka households. A single cross-sectional study was undertaken on 105 households particularly focusing on the housewife since she is responsible for teaching family members and domestic helps regarding water conservation. The study delves into the main reasons of water wastage, the role they would like to play in aiding water conservation, motivations behind water conservation and the willingness to change lifestyle to reduce wastage of water. Results indicated that individuals are influenced to save water out of concern for future generation and through habits of other groups. The study is pertinent in understanding psychological factors and designing campaigns to promote the cause of water conservation in Dhaka.

Journal : International Journal of Conceptions on Management and Social Science Volume : 3 Year : 2015 Issue : 1
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