Title : Lattice Boltzmann simulation of natural convection and heat transfer from multiple heated blocks

Authors : K. M. Zamilur Rahim, Jamil Ahmed, Preetom Nag and Md. Mamun Molla

Abstract : This study is aimed to investigate the natural convection heat transfer from discrete heat sources (similar to heated microchips) using the Bhatnagar?Gross?Krook lattice Boltzmann method via the graphics process unit computing. The simulation is carried out separately for three and six heated blocks model for different Rayleigh numbers and fixed Prandtl number, ????????=0.71 (air). The uniformly heated blocks are placed at the bottom wall inside a rectangular enclosure. The enclosure is maintained by the cold temperature at its left and right walls. The top and bottom surface is maintained by adiabatic conditions apart from the regions where blocks are attached to the bottom wall. The numerical code is validated with the benchmark heat transfer problem of the side?heated square cavity as well as with an experimental study for one discrete heat source. The rate of heat transfer is presented in terms of the local Nusselt and average Nusselt number for each block. It is found that the heat transfer rate becomes maximized in the leftmost and rightmost blocks due to the adjacent cold walls. It is found that the number of blocks and their positions play a substantial role in determining their collective performance on the heat transfer rate.

Journal : Heat Transfer Volume : 49 Year : 2020 Issue : 4
Pages : 1877-1894 City : Edition : Editors :
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