Title : Comparative Political Systems

Authors : Haq, M. Emdadul

Abstract : It is generally perceived that democratic governance is one of the finest forms in the art of governing men. The current work argues that there has been a setback in the global arena in the functioning of democracy these days. It attempts to show the hollowness in the functioning of democracy especially in the US, the UK, France, India, & Bangladesh. Political corruption & business in politics have degenerated the practice everywhere. Continued Federal shut down in the US under President Donald Trump, political quagmire in the British politics surrounding the BREXIT issue, street battles between the civil society groups & enforcement agencies in France, resurgence of Hindutva politics in India, dysfunctional parliament in Bangladesh, etc. are some of the indications of democratic reversal that Professor Samuel P. Huntington had contended in 1993.

Journal : Volume : Year : February, 2019 Issue :
Pages : 270 City : Dhaka Edition : Editors :
Publisher : Cnetury Publications ISBN : 978-984-34-5824-7 Book : Chapter :
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