Title : A Novel Design of Gesture and Voice Controlled Solar-Powered Smart Wheel Chair with Obstacle Detection

Authors : AKM Bahalul Haque, Shawan Shurid, Afsana Tasnim, Md. Shadman Sadique and Abu Sayem Mohammad Asaduzzaman

Abstract : Disable individuals are disregarded more often than not. Now they need human help 24/7 to proceed onward. They need a wheelchair to move from one place to another as per their need. It would be much easier if the wheelchair needed for their task be automated and controllable by the person himself rather another constant human engagement. In this paper, a design has been proposed considering these facts. The wheelchair will be controlled by voice and gesture. To make the system energy efficient solar power will be used. Along these lines, while moving around all around the battery can be revived effectively. This keen wheelchair is additionally fit for hindrance recognition.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2020 Issue :
Pages : City : Doha, Qatar Edition : Editors :
Publisher : IEEE ISBN : Book : Chapter :
Proceeding Title : 2020 IEEE International Conference on Informatics, IoT, and Enabling Technologies (ICIoT) Institution : Issuer : Number :