Title : Introducing the Process Writing Approach of an Overcrowded EFL Classroom at a University in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study

Authors : Nasrin Pervin, Nausheen Saba Siraj

Abstract : Writing an essay in Bangladeshi tertiary level institutions usually means that the teacher gives a topic and the students write on it. Seldom do students get constructive feedback on their composition and receive another chance to improve on their writing. As English is a foreign language in Bangladesh, the students' compositions in this language always contain a handful of errors. The paper demonstrates the results of a study involving first-semester students at one of the leading private universities in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In their intermediate composition class, the process approach was introduced instead of the product-oriented approach. A mixed-method approach has been taken to analyze the drafts of all assignments to find out if the quality of their writing has changed over the semester. It has been observed that a significant number of students did not improve much in their writing, except for the improvement of grammar and structure; the new approach seems promising if certain modifications are introduced.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2023 Issue :
Pages : 102-122 City : Edition : Editors : Aitor Garcés-Manzanera (University of Murcia, Spain) and María Encarnacion Carrillo García (University of Murcia, Spain)
Publisher : ISBN : 9781668460207 Book : New Approaches to the Investigation of Language Teaching and Literature Chapter : 6
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