Title : Jatropha: An Alternative Substitute of Fossil Fuel.

Authors : Kamrun Nahar, Monica Ozores Hampton

Abstract : Jatropha curcas L. is a non-food bioenergy plant that is known for the production of biofuel. Jatropha can be con-sidered a second-generation biofuel plant that may provide a portion of the fuel supply. Jatropha is a tropical plant and can be grown in low to high rainfall and diverse soil types, but the plant is susceptible to freezes. The plant produces seeds containing inedible oil that can be converted to bio-diesel, which can be used in the transportation and energy sectors. The detoxified cake by-product from oil extraction can be used for fish and animal feed, biogas, or as an organic fertilizer. The crop can be mechanically harvested, and oil yields are comparable to or higher than soybean and rape seed without genetic improvement. Jatropha produces renewable energy in the form of biodiesel, which emits 80% less CO2, 100% lower SO2, and has a higher flash point than fossil diesel fuel. The Jatropha biodiesel industry currently is relatively minor; therefore, as it grows to a larger scale and the infrastructure is developed, the costs of producing and marketing Jatropha biodiesel may decline in the future

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