Title : Conserve and Reserve: A New Approach to Home Automation and Bill Management System

Authors : M.S.K. Rafi, T. K. Dia, Z.F. Chowdhury, M.A. Khaledunnabi and R. Shelim

Abstract : The average rise in electrical power tariff in developing countries has been increasing. This calls for the need for a system that would help regular people manage their household appliances within their budget. This paper aims to come up with a solution to meet the need of people in order to spare them the hassle of meeting at the end of the month. A unique yet simple system has been introduced that allows the user to run his household appliances within an allocated budget. The priority of appliances is the main focus in this system. This system has multiple modes that can be customized according to the user as well as environmental requirement. To make the system handy and easy to use, an Android application has also been introduced from which the user can monitor and control his household appliances and total electricity bill. Multiple home automation services such as automated lights and fans, biometric security system, LED lighting, energy efficient bulb has also been embedded in the system to provide the user with extra benefits and security in the household.

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