Title : Robust Deep Speaker Recognition: Learning Latent Representation with Joint Angular Margin Loss

Authors : Labib Chowdhury, Hasib Zunair, Nabeel Mohammed

Abstract : Speaker identification is gaining popularity, with notable applications in security, automation, and authentication. For speaker identification, deep-convolutional-network-based approaches, such as SincNet, are used as an alternative to i-vectors. Convolution performed by parameterized sinc functions in SincNet demonstrated superior results in this area. This system optimizes softmax loss, which is integrated in the classification layer that is responsible for making predictions. Since the nature of this loss is only to increase interclass distance, it is not always an optimal design choice for biometric-authentication tasks such as face and speaker recognition. To overcome the aforementioned issues, this study proposes a family of models that improve upon the state-of-the-art SincNet model. Proposed models AF-SincNet, Ensemble-SincNet, and ALL-SincNet serve as a potential successor to the successful SincNet model. The proposed models are compared on a number of speaker-recognition datasets, such as TIMIT and LibriSpeech, with their own unique challenges. Performance improvements are demonstrated compared to competitive baselines. In interdataset evaluation, the best reported model not only consistently outperformed the baselines and current prior models, but also generalized well on unseen and diverse tasks such as Bengali speaker recognition.

Journal : Applied Sciences Volume : 10 Year : 2020 Issue : 21
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