Title : Covid-19 Pandemic: Perspective of the Holy Qur'an

Authors : Nabeel Iqbal

Abstract : This qualitative paper maps relevant verses and concepts from the Holy Quran to the COVID-19 pandemic and adversities in general. The findings of the mapped verses are then linked to other relevant verses of the Quran, academic and newspaper articles, books, essays and scientific research in order to obtain a broader perspective of the arguments and rationales presented in the Quran. The Quran informs us that calamities of a global scale are consequences of human actions which in turn are a result of the degeneration of the collective consciousness of humanity. However, calamities can help trigger a correction of the collective consciousness. The Holy Quran also informs us that trials and tribulations can work like a filtration process to mark out the best individuals of a community and help in the development of humility.

Journal : Journal of Asian and African Social Science and Humanities Volume : 7 Year : 2021 Issue : 1
Pages : 16-25 City : Edition : Editors :
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