Title : Looking Back: My Fear and Association with Quantitative Approach

Authors : Gour Gobinda Goswami

Abstract : This note has been prepared for the general readers who have interest in developing or retaining their career in quantitative techniques. If I examine my last twenty five years of teaching career at home and abroad I can easily observe a major structural shift in the nature of teaching, research, and philosophy of teaching. I was out and out a descriptive person with little or no quantitative background in the beginning of my career. My enrollment in graduate school in USA and twelve years of continuous involvement in applied research and teaching at North South University (NSU) contributed substantially in terms of transforming myself from a descriptive person to a quantitative person. I thought this experience should be shared with people who have number phobia and apparently hesitate to learn or teach quantitative technique with the lame excuse that they have non-quantitative background at school or college level.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2018 Issue :
Pages : 281-292 City : Dhaka, Bangladesh Edition : Editors : Samir Kumar Biswas
Publisher : Jagannath Hall Alumni Association, Dhaka University ISBN : Book : Bijoya (Punormiloni 2018) Chapter : 59
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