Title : Arsenic hampered embryonic development: An in vivo study using local Bangladeshi Danio rerio model

Authors : Kabir T, Anwar S, Mourosi, JT, Hossain J, Rabbane MG, Rahman MM, Tahsin T, Hasan MN, Shill MC, Hosen MJ

Abstract : Zebrafish (Danio rerio) has appeared as a valuable and popular model species to study the developmental and toxicological impact of environmental pollutants. To get insights on the toxicological effect of arsenic on early embryonic development, a controlled breeding of local Bangladeshi zebrafish followed by comprehensive microscopic analysis was conducted to study the embryonic development after exposure to different concentrations of arsenic ranges from 4-120?h?post-fertilization. Zebrafish embryos exposed to 2?mM of arsenic displayed distinguishable developmental delay compared to control. At three days post-fertilization, a distinct phenotype appears in arsenic-treated embryos, which can be characterized by dechorionated embryos, larger egg mass, pericardial edema, abnormal heart rate, and abnormal head development. Remarkably, the death rate of the arsenic-treated embryos was significantly higher compared to control. Collectively, these findings indicate that exposure to arsenic may result in abnormal embryonic development. These results suggest for proper management of the pregnant mother in the arsenic-exposed area, and may also explain the incidence of increased miscarriage/abortion rate in arsenic water drinking pregnant mother.

Journal : Toxicology Reports Volume : 7 Year : 2020 Issue :
Pages : 155-161 City : Edition : Editors :
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