Title : Gender Bias of Government Agencies and NGOs in the Provision of Services to the Rural Poor in Bangladesh

Authors : Tamgid Chowdhury

Abstract : Within Bangladesh there is evidence of gender discrimination which causes a lack of empowerment andpoverty among women, particularly in rural areas. Thus, women in rural areas require improved servicedelivery with personal and customised services from the service providers (government and non-governmentorganisations) of poverty alleviation programs to better combat poverty. To explore the differences in opinionbetween male and female beneficiaries in assessing the service delivery effectiveness of providers, theresearcher has developed a multi-dimensional effectiveness scale. The methodology is based on primary datacollected from 78 randomly chosen villages in Bangladesh. Significant differences of opinion between maleand female beneficiaries have been identified. In most geographic areas, female beneficiaries reported a needfor improvement across the entire scale of items measuring the effectiveness of service delivery. This suggeststhat they do not receive the same level of service as their male counterpart, a finding which carries thehallmarks of gender discrimination.

Journal : Journal of Economic and Social Policy Volume : 16 Year : 2014 Issue : 2
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