Title : Perceptions of students and employers regarding employability skills for entry level positions in marketing and sales

Authors : Tamgid Chowdhury, Mohammad Miah

Abstract : This study devised a 20-item, six-dimensional Employability Skills Index for entry-level jobs in marketing and sales based on the perceptions of students, and a second, 22-item, six-dimensional Employability Skills Index based on the perceptions of employers. Both indexes demonstrated sound reliability, and we presented initial support for the validity of the scales. The study was based on 418 and 973 survey responses collected from Bangladeshi corporate managers and university students, respectively. The study revealed substantial differences in opinions between employers and students on employability skills required for entry-level marketing and sales positions. Managers prioritized skills such as planning, organizing ability, experience, professionalism, type of major courses taken, and positive attitude towards work. On the other hand, students prioritized skills such as commitment to the organization, commitment to the job area, complex problem-solving skills, internship in a relevant field, critical thinking ability, and basic knowledge of selling.

Journal : Australian Journal of Career Development Volume : 28 Year : 2019 Issue : 1
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