Title : Duckweed-based clean energy production dynamics (ethanol and biogas) and phyto-remediation potential in Bangladesh

Authors : Kamrun Nahar, Sanwar A. Sunny

Abstract : This paper presents an overview of the prospect of biofuel resources in Bangladesh with second-generation (2G) aquatic energy crop—Duckweed. The review sheds light on growing duckweed as a promising feedstock to produce ethanol and biogas, as they can minimize dependence on limited crude oil and natural gas—fossil fuels that Bangladesh largely depends on. Current reserves are inadequate to meet the energy demand for long term economic growth. Biofuels, as nontoxic and biodegradable alternatives, could replace harmful fossil fuels as combustion of biofuel emits considerably less amount of COx, SOx, hydrocarbons and particulate matter. Bangladesh has millions of hectors of potential sites across lakes, rivers and ponds, which can conduct high rates of nutrient uptake via phytoremediation, such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus, in industrial wastewater, and then be used to produce biofuels. The review explores different production processes and briefly charts future research agenda for the proliferation of clean energy in Bangladesh using locally available products.

Journal : Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, Springer nature Volume : 5 Year : September, 2019 Issue :
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