Title : Collaborative Education: New Frontier for Future Education and Yunus Social Business

Authors : Md. Faisal Ibne Wali, Abdul Hannan Chowdhury, Muhammad Saqiful Alam, Muhammad Maruf Ibne Wali

Abstract : The concepts of ‘sharing’ Economy and Collaborative Consumption are gaining popularity in the business world because of internet-based products and services. The widespread use and virtue of one of the extensions of collaborative consumption is collaborative education, which is discussed with some useful application. The main purpose is to show the existing and future potentialities of collaborative education, and how it would pave a pathway to effectively promote Yunus Social Business. Studies have shown the effectiveness and usefulness of present models of collaborative education and in order to further promote Yunus Social Business, collaborative education model is indeed holding the key. This claim was analyzed thoroughly through literature research and also through interviews. The paper suggested that the enrichment of the online portal – the Yunus and Youth tube (YYtube) – with the concepts of collaborative education will be an appealing and emerging platform from where Yunus Social Business can be taught to aspiring young minds of the future.

Journal : Business Education & Accreditation Volume : 6 Year : 2014 Issue : 1
Pages : 101-110 City : Edition : Editors :
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