Title : Improving test case prioritization based on practical priority factors

Authors : Md. Hasan Mahmood, Md. Shazzad Hosain

Abstract : Test case prioritization involves prioritizing test cases for regression testing to improve the effectiveness of the testing. One of the main goals is to uncover all the bugs using minimum number of test cases with minimum cost. To achieve this goal during prioritization process, different factors are taken into consideration. For example, operational profile, customer assigned functionality or code complexity is given high priority during test case prioritization. However, different software requires different priority factors to emphasize. We can do so by assigning weights to different factors. In the literature we have found ten such prioritization factors but we believe six more factors needed to be incorporated to bring real life practical aspects of software development to schedule test cases. The factors that we consider in conjunction with the previous ten factors will cover most of the businesses functionalities based on the practical aspects. Our approach covers more business areas and reveals more defects. By prioritizing test cases we cover most important business functionalities with less number of test cases.

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Proceeding Title : 8th IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science Institution : Issuer : Number :