Title : Improving self-learning and dealing with adjustment challenges through individual reflective action research of an international MBA student

Authors : Tanya Ahmed

Abstract : This study explores the improvements in self-learning and dealing with adjustment challenges in the life of an MBA student through individual reflective action research. I use individual reflective action research as the methodology, in other words, the first-person inquiry, which has encouraged me to ask questions about my practice and to work out the answers for myself. I continuously engage in self-reflective process on my practice toeffect required changes. I chose action research as it allowed me to conduct this study within a compatible framework with my own professional integrity and values system. I believe that one can engage action research to bring out the best in one’s life. The plethora of adjustment challenges typically faced by international students could be highlight. The study would also help international students to enhance their self-learning and acclimatize to new challenges in a foreign land.I decided to include myfaculties, classmates, group mates and husband in this study with myself being at its centre as a researcher. As a result, action research has led to increased knowledge for myself, my school and my fellow foreign classmates by describing the difficultiesI had to come across and the steps that were taken to overcome them. I depicted the process of learning about my inner self, reflected on my actions, revised my concerns and adjusted my personal and social needs. These in turn assisted me to fathom and assess my own educational and personal advancement.

Journal : Action Learning and Action Research Journal Volume : 26 Year : 2020 Issue : 2
Pages : 107-131 City : Edition : Editors :
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