Title : The Socio-economic Status and Land Use Pattern: A Micro-level Analysis in Bangladesh

Authors : Mohammad Maruf Billah, Joynal Abedin

Abstract : To investigate the micro level existing land use pattern, socio-economic status and differences between urban and rural land use pattern, the Dumuria upazila in Khulna district in Bangladesh has been selected. Total 340 samples have been taken through a questionnaire survey and the plot-to-plot survey was conducted on 2657 plots and about 267 acres to fulfill the objectives. This study demonstrates that land use pattern in both urban and rural areas was different due to various socio-economic factors. In urban areas, land use pattern was mainly dominated by residential or homestead use about 26% of land and a significant portion of land was occupied by the commercial and industrial use which is about 13% of the land. On contrary, rural area was dominated by wetlands and agricultural land (cropland and inter-culture) about 40% and 23% respectively. The study indicates that forest and woodland cover was relatively high in rural areas was about 15.39 acre out of 141 acre (11%) but it was only about 4% in urban areas. Moreover, this study reveals that the rural area was mostly covered with natural forest and woodland, on the contrary, urban area was mostly man-made. However, the findings of this study provide valuable information to support the sustainable development of urban and rural land use and planning processes and forecasting future possible land use changes on that locality.

Journal : Volume : 22 Year : 2018 Issue : 3
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