Title : Colonial Drug Trade in South Asia: From Palashi to Partition

Authors : Haq, M. Emdadul

Abstract : The rise of the British Raj in Bengal and then across South Asia was primarily connected to the colonial greed for making money out of the flourishing regional opium trade. During their 190-years stay in the region, the colonial government remained heavily addicted to drug revenue. In defense of their monopoly trade, they systematically plundered the Bengal economy, strategically invaded the coastal areas, pursued Divide & Rule policy to germinate communal rivalry between the Hindus and Muslims. Having faced global banning on narcotics trade by 1925, however, the Imperial government surrendered its colonial ascendency & trade supremacy in intoxicating drugs, while residues of communal politics still persisting across the region since 1947.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2017 and 2019 Issue :
Pages : 266 City : Dhaka Edition : 2nd edition January 2019 Editors :
Publisher : Century Publications ISBN : 978-984-34-3236-0 Book : Chapter :
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