Title : Lessons from Bangabandhu’s Ausamapta Atmajiboni (The Unfinished Memoirs)

Authors : Gour Gobinda Goswami

Abstract : AUSAMAPTA ATMAJIBONI (Unfinished Memoirs) is one of the most important historical documents of Bangladesh. Our great national leader, the father of the Nation, Bangabandhu, has written this document for us in his own hand, covering his political career since his childhood till 1955. The book was written in the year 1967 while he was in jail. This opinion article's primary purpose is to extract some highlights from this document and present them as lessons for the young generation so that we can build up proper leadership who can lead the country towards a high-income country and fulfill the dream of our great leader. The Bengali version of this book has been consulted to derive important points like how his daughter Sheikh Hasina got hold of this document, his childhood, lessons from his father, how he was introduced with Sher-e-Bengal in Gopalganj in 1938, how he built up the Muslim league and Chatra League, Bengal famine of 1943, Independence of India and Pakistan from British rule in 1947 and its underlying history, his China visit, the election of 1954, the special characteristics of bangalee, the philosophy of secularism, etc. are discussed thoroughly in this famous book. We can use this book to reveal the real history of the independence of Bangladesh in South Asia. Actually, this book provides us with the primary source of information for creating a new country on the global map. This will also help us find the mystery of why the independence of a nation can be jeopardized just within four years of independence.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2021 Issue :
Pages : 237-248 City : Dhaka Edition : Editors : Sharifuddin Ahmed
Publisher : UPL-NSU ISBN : 978 984 506 295 4 Book : Bangabandhu and Bangladesh (????????? ? ????????) Chapter : 32
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