Title : Study of Race Condition: A Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Authors : Tanjila Farah, Rashed Shelim, Moniruz Zaman, Delwar Alam

Abstract : The Race condition is a privilege escalation vulnerability that manipulates the time between imposing a security control and using services in a UNIX like system. This vulnerability is a result of interferences caused by multiple sequential threads running in the system and sharing the same resources. Race condition could occur due to sequence condition imposed by un-trusted processes or locking failure condition imposed by secure programs such as operating systems. The race condition is a common vulnerability in UNIX-like systems, where directories such as /tmp and /var/tmp are shared between threads. A study of Race condition vulnerability and its impact in UNIX like systems are presented in this paper. Also various types of Race condition attack and there detection, avoidance and prevention techniques are also discussed in this paper.

Journal : Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, JSCI2018 Volume : 16 Year : 2018 Issue : 1
Pages : 22-26 City : Edition : Editors :
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