Title : Media Preferences Among Young Consumers in Bangladesh: A Multidimensional Approach

Authors : Tamgid Chowdhury

Abstract : Generally, preference toward an advertising media is judged by company-driven effectiveness assessment parameters such as reach, frequency, sales and return on investment. This paper, on the other hand, by using structural equation modeling offers a three-dimensional 20-item ‘media effectiveness assessment model’ based on the quantitative judgment of young consumers. After that the preferences of male and female consumers toward seven different media with respect to the assessment criteria of the model have been captured and compared. Item-wise results of the study show that radio received highest priority by male consumers, whereas, TV and newspaper are the second priority. Female respondents on the other hand put highest preference toward magazine followed by radio. Popularity of radio among young consumers is noticeable. Dimension-wise comparisons revealed that men and women consumers preferred radio and billboard, respectively as the best media for ‘customization’ ability. However, for advertisement ‘positioning’ men and women prioritized TV and magazine, respectively. Finally, billboard and radio were found to be most ‘interactive’ as opined by male and female, respectively. The methodology of this study is based on 783 samples collected from the young executives (both male and female) of Bangladesh during September–November, 2014.

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