Title : Phytoremediation to improve eutrophic ecosystem by the floating aquatic macrophyte, water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes L.) at lab scale

Authors : Kamrun Nahar, Sirajul Hoque

Abstract : In this investigation, the ability and effectiveness of the aquatic macrophyte, Pistia stratiotes L. to improve the quality of eutrophic waters were studied at a lab scale by testing across four lake water samples. The removal of salts, solids and improving physiochemical properties including pH, DO, EC, TDS, Turbidity and NaCl concentration of water were monitored. In treatment with the Aquatic Plant (AP), a 100% survival rate of the species was observed without any visible symptoms of toxicity in the biomass. The extensive root system of the plant as well as the body biomass improved water quality after one week of treatment as determined by a marked decrease in Turbidity, TDS, EC and NaCl and with an increase in pH and DO levels. The DO increased many folds over 168 h or 7 days after treatments and served as a useful indicator of water quality. Considerable variation percentages (either reduction or increment) were observed in different parameters treated with the phytoremediator. The study findings indicate that the aquatic macrophyte has a significant potential for improving water quality parameters by removing pollutants from eutrophic lake water bodies.

Journal : The Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research Volume : 47 Year : 2021 Issue : 2
Pages : 231-237 City : Edition : Editors :
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