Title : Miguel Caballero: Marketing Strategy of Colombian Bulletproof Fashion Brand

Authors : Jashim Uddin Ahmed, Tasnim Tarannum, Asma Ahmed, Kazi Pushpita Mim

Abstract : Miguel Caballero is the epitome of what can be called a ‘Fashionable Protective Wear’. The brand was named after its brainchild Miguel Caballero himself during the raging times in Columbia. Back in the 1990s specifically, the political beliefs were compartmentalized into different violent groups in the country. Miguel envisioned this as a fancy business opportunity with a little bit of trick up his sleeve. His idea was to add fashion and pliability to a category of apparel that was once deemed to have been nothing more than a baggy, ugly-looking and inconvenient piece of must wear; not to mention the noticeability of the clothing and how it magnified the ones wearing it even more to the eyes of the oppressor. Although it was part of a graduation project, yet it turned into a whole business model. This case discloses Miguel Caballero’s journey and evolution of the brand throughout the decades. The brand has now become a state-of-the-art enterprise with a global value chain, and it is also standing at the top of its industry because of its unique strategy execution of engagement marketing. The company is the trendsetter and holds a massive market share with distinguishing strategies which exemplifies a perfect paradigm of the contemporary business world.

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