Title : Human Resource Management Practices: Foreign Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies Vs. Local Companies

Authors : Faisal Ibne Wali, Dr. Mohammad Khasro Miah, Muhammad Maruf Ibne Wali, Ehsan Karim

Abstract : The purpose of this study is to explore and compare Human Resource Management (HRM) practices in the local and foreign Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies in Bangladesh. In this study, companies operating in Bangladesh for more than 10 years with at least 500 employees and 2% business growth have been selected. Data have been collected from five local and five foreign FMCG companies over a period of 8 months (October 2013- May 2014) by using qualitative case study methods. Results demonstrate that foreign FMCG companies in Bangladesh provide better compensation packages compare to local companies. Results also revealed that foreign FMCG companies focus more on standard HRM practices, especially with regard to financial benefits, career development and job security. However, Bangladeshi local FMCG companies are not adapting competitive HRM practices, which have a significant impact on employee’s satisfaction and growth of these companies. Future research can be conducted to see the impact of culture on these Foreign FMCG companies

Journal : Australian Journal of Business and Economic Studies (AJBES) Volume : Year : 2015 Issue :
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