Title : Private University: A Shift in Paradigm for Higher Education in Bangladesh

Authors : Gour Gobinda Goswami

Abstract : NSU is going to celebrate her recent success in THE ranking 2023. Many of you might be interested in exploring the underlying reasons for successful private-sector higher education in Bangladesh. This recently published research paper may give you some thoughts based on recent research funded by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), Ministry of Planning. I was the principal investigator of the project. The outcome of the sample survey is being published in the recently published book chapter of NSU. Please have a look and provide us with your valuable feedback on the attached article. Thank you. NSU has created a new paradigm of providing excellent higher education through market mechanisms or price systems without compromising the educational objectives like other top private global universities worldwide. That's why we have become number one in Bangladesh. THE 2023 NSU 601-800!!!! Tremendous progress in just 30 years of history. Hard work always pays off in the long run. This paper aims to examine the distinct role of private universities in Bangladesh as opposed to the benchmark public universities in shaping the higher education of this country in a newer direction since 1992. Using the survey result conducted on a sample of more than one thousand students, graduates, and employers from 2019-20, we tested several educational quality propositions to determine private universities' competitive edge. We have also used a supplementary desk research methodology to consult secondary data from the University Grants Commission to validate our results. The results revealed the enormous potential of leading private universities in this region if they are appropriately aligned with the Government's development strategies. A broad-based graduate education leading to Ph.D. in all the major disciplines should be immediately launched to grab and retain the top-ranking position in Asia and the World.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2022 Issue :
Pages : 215-231 City : Dhaka Edition : Editors : Professor Sharif Uddin Ahmed
Publisher : NSU & Prothoma ISBN : 978 984 96750 1 3 Book : 50-Years of Bangladesh: A Tale of A Miracle Chapter : 18
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