Title : A Study on Cyber Security Threats in Core Banking System of Bangladesh

Authors : Md. Sakhawat Hossain, Shazzad Hosain, Tanjila Farah

Abstract : Worldwide the banking and financial sector have been increasingly dependent on information and communication technology (ICT). In tune with the global trends Bangladeshi banks have been investing heavily in technology infrastructure and solutions. All banks have moved to core banking system structure. Services such as Internet banking, online banking and mobile banking have revolutionized the banking for users. At the same time the downside of ICT, cyber security threats against the banking and financial services are becoming more frequent. Though ignored for a long time cyber threats have gained attention of the authority after the reserved fund heist of Bangladesh Bank in 2016. This paper aims to analyze the core banking systems used in the banks. This paper also presents an analysis of the current threats on banking system based on the antiviruses used in the banks of Bangladesh.

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