Title : Vulnerability Analysis of the Cyclone Aila Affected Community in the South West Belt of Bangladesh

Authors : Md. JakariyaMinhaz Farid AhmedMinhaz Farid AhmedDr. Md. Tajuddin SikderDr. Md. Tajuddin Sikder

Abstract : Bangladesh is considered as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate changein the world because of increased intensity and frequency of natural disasters. The southern areas of Bangladesh are comparatively more vulnerable to cyclones. In 2009, cyclone Ailaled to tidal surge and salinity intrusion. In order to understand the vulnerability of the population affected by cyclone Aila, Household (HH) questionnaire survey, Key Informant Interview (KII) with different stakeholders and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) tools have been employed. The study finds that the main occupationsunder the study area are agriculture and fisheries industry.And they became vulnerable because of saline water logging. Saline water logging prevented the local people from agriculture works and fish cultivation. Moreover, the financial aidsand supportsprovedineffectivecompared to the dire need of the affected population. As a result, the affectedpeople changed their primary occupation by migrating to nearby, yet remotebigcities in expectation of better livelihood mainly through day laboring or engaging in other informal employment sectors

Journal : Journal of Health and Environmental Research (JHES) Volume : 2 Year : 2016 Issue :
Pages : 5-12 City : Edition : Editors :
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