Title : Praava Health: Pioneering app-based healthcare delivery system in Bangladesh.

Authors : Quazi Tafsirul Islam, Rifat Iqbal, Mohammad Asif Gazi

Abstract : Purpose of the research: Healthcare in Bangladesh is a significant and rapidly growing market, where public and private sector institutions cater to 160 million people. Current practices in the healthcare delivery system are challenging traditional methods. As a result, many techbased healthcare and health delivery practices have been introduced around the world. In this case, we compared how Bangladesh is performing in its healthcare development sector in comparison to the globally established ideal healthcare delivery practices and trends. We explored Praava, a newly established healthcare provider, and how it offers to revolutionize healthcare practices in Bangladesh. Design/Methodology: The study was conducted based on secondary data sourced from online and offline sources, including scholarly journals and newspaper articles using the exploratory case study method. Results/Findings: We found through our research that E-Health, Tele-Health, or the concepts like the Health Information System (HIS) are relatively new in Bangladesh. Therefore, when Praava, an app-based healthcare provider, introduced these services in Bangladesh, it is not instantly adopted regardless of its merits. In this case, we studied and compared the Roger’s Innovation Adoption Model to understand where the Bangladesh Healthcare market stands to embrace these innovative ventures. We also examined the reasons, barriers, untapped opportunities, or future challenges that might await Praava’s fate. Besides, we analyzed Praava’s unique Hub and Spoke model that we believe will prove to be a sustainable organizational structure in this part of the world. Practical implication/Conclusion: There is a huge gap in patient expectations and actual service quality in Bangladesh that tech-based healthcare providers are trying to cater to. However, the challenge lies in educating these consumers to utilize the benefits that tech-based healthcare providers could offer through their organizational model. Organizations like Praava Health could successfully educate, convince the users, and utilize the first-mover benefit as innovative healthcare providers in Bangladesh

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Pages : 35 City : Dhaka Edition : 5 Editors :
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